Why Steve Jobs is the most interesting man in the world.

Steve Jobs is truly a visionary, and probably the one man most responsible for the technological revolution we see around us every day.

Without Steve Jobs, there would probably be none of the technology we use every day. WIND would not have any of its great smartphones, as they are all part of the revolution started by the iPhone. Not even Windows, Apple’s bitter enemy, could exist without Steve Jobs. He was the one who brought the innovative ideas of the graphical user interface out of Xerox’s PARC research centre, and into the mass market. It almost immediately replaced the clunky command lines of its day. With one brilliant idea, Steve Jobs changed computing history forever

I am typing this on an iPad, and as I do, I am eminently aware of the visionary man responsible for this tablet. The smooth, responsive multitouch screen, the near full-size software keyboard, even the distinctive iOS clicking noise. I have no doubt that every one of these incredible innovations were, directly or indirectly, the work of Steve Jobs.

With over thirty years in the computer industry, I am sure that his perspectives on it would be among the most illuminating of anyone currently alive.