Why I want to meet Johnny Depp

I have been a great admirer of Mr. Depp’s art for many years. In Oct ’08 I was diagnosed with leukemia. A friend brought me a poster of Mr. Depp to put on the wall of my hospital room. When I was feeling at my lowest, that poster inspired me to think positive. When I was afraid I wouldn’t live to see my kids grow up, I looked at the poster and heard Mr. Depp’s voice in my room telling me I was going to get better. Not long after, my doctor told me I was in remission. That poster became my good luck charm. I took it with me to the hospital every time I went back for a follow-up chemo treatment. I would love to meet Mr. Depp to tell him about my experience and thank him for inspiring me to stay positive. He seems like a facinating person, and my kids would tell you, my dream for years has been to be able to have a conversation with him. Obviously if I win, I would love to see the $100,000 go to cancer research. I know this isn’t a particularly inspiring story, but winning would mean the world to me. Please help make my dream a reality.