Or, how to be heard by everyone, everywhere, or pretty close to it.

As serious believers in the power of conversation, we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you get people talking about your entry.


“Like” your entry.

Feels weird to “Like” your own content, right? Forget all that.

“Share” your entry.

This goes on your wall making it highly visible.

Ask for help.

Everyone and their moms are on Facebook.
Seriously. Make the most of your network: message your friends and tell them what they
can do. Post your entry on a friend’s wall.
Or two. Or ten.

Find the fan page.

Does your chosen personality have a fan page? Track it down and take your conversation there.


Use the Reddit tool.

Reddit is a social news site where users submit and vote on links. Top links are seen by tens of thousands of users a day.

Submit to a subreddit.

Pick a related subreddit — like “videos”, “science”, “offbeat”, whatever best relates to your entry — and add your link there.

Step outside

Talk offline.

Tell your friends about it. In person.

Be seen.

Write an article, get on the news, then do some postering. While you’re at it resurrect the ancient art of smoke signals.

Be heard.

Make some phone calls.
Remember letters? Send those. Heck, send a telegram.


Tweet about your entry.

If you’re not familiar with the platform, now’s the time.

Use our hashtag.

When you tweet about your entry, include a hashtag — they’re a way to group similar tweets
to make them more searchable. Add #WINDbestconvo to the end of your tweet to associate it with this competition.

Use other hashtags.

If it makes sense, include other hashtags too.

Ask for RTs.

Don’t be shy. Ask for ReTweets by saying “Pls RT” — it works surprisingly well.


Find your Goldilocks Zone: tweet during busy hours; tweet often, but not too, too often.

The wide, wide web

Send emails.

Remember those?

Post other places.

Talk about your entry on your blog, your Tumblr, and your school or work’s blog. Then ask your friends to do the same. And remember to respond to comments to keep the conversation going.

Just ask.

Get the word out to a few well-known bloggers.

Get crafty.

Maybe even try out some cheap ad space.