The entrepreneurs of all entrepreneurs !!

Well where to start ! From when I could remember I always said his famous quote,

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise ! Being 21 years old and being an entrepreneur I started my own company, and his due diligence, positive attitude & willingness to succeed when no one believed in him! His book Call me Ted is what inspired alot and what a fantastic book, well mayube because he’s a fantastic man ! Ted Turner is the founder of the Cable News Network (CNN) , Turner Broadcasting Station and many more ! He also donated $30 million to the United Nations on behalf of the United States of America when they struggled to. He also founded such charities such as United Nations Foundation & The Nuclear Threat Initiative .

I think he is a great man for everything is has accomplished and it would be a true honor to have a chance to speak with Ted! and would have lots of interesting things to say ! I hope I win this contest !!