Speaking out about suicide and mental illness!

It’s interesting that as we get older, it’s expected we have become wiser? Not so, however, when at 45 years old, depression intervenes. I was blind-sided by a hurricane. Not only was my hair all messed up, but also my heart, mind and soul had been wind struck. My first rough period followed the death, Nov. ’07, of a close friend.
In July, 2010, I was once again lambasted with depression – this time to a detrimental end: I attempted suicide. I gave out no warning signs until about a few hours prior. It was very spontaneous, and though I did in many ways want to live, I also wanted to be free of the internal pain that had plagued me over the years. If not for the quick action of my counsellor, and the professional response of a 911 operator for Waterloo Regional Police, life-saving intervention was attained.

I would never wish a serious depression on anyone. Without it, however, I would not be where I am today: having meaningful direction to my life. I hope that in some way I can help spread the word of the seriousness of suicide in our society and also lessen the stigma that is associated with it and mental illness.

Like Margaret Trudeau, I want to speak publicly and would be honoured to talk directly with her about her struggles and successes along the way. We need more Margaret Trudeau’s out there. Speaking out can save lives; with her help, I hope to gain the insight needed that I can be BOTH depressed and have an impact on others.