Oh Nelson!

Of all the people on this planet, I’d want to talk to Nelson Mandela.

Recently in my Human Geography class, we started talking about ethnicity crises of the past 50 years. Our teacher showed us an interview that Oprah did with Mandela which made me literally start crying in my class. To think that someone who had every right to be mad could give up his anger and turn it into power to unite a country was amazing.

It’s a great inspiration to know that no matter who you are, you can make a change. Nelson used his political standing to give people hope, and raise awareness about our human race and how we should treat people. Not only did he handle issues within his country but he also gave speeches about AIDS research and Female empowerment.

I may only be 18, but I always say I want to change the world. Without even thinking about himself, Nelson did exactly what I want to do. He’s so humble and inspiring that I would probably die of happiness to get to speak to him. Knowing me, we’d probably just talk about music and life. I would love to get the chance to be inspired and keep inspiring others for the rest of my life. It would be something I would never forget. :)