Music is louder than words, and bigger than pictures.

If I could talk to anyone, it would be Steven Wilson. He is a British Musician best known for his work with the progressive rock band, “Porcupine Tree”. He is associated with various other bands like “No-Man” and “Blackfield” while still continuing to maintain a solo career. He is a singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, producer, and overall technical artist. The reason I would like to talk to him is because a lot of his music influences my own work, and he inspires me to go outside of the box and try something different. I’m only a game developer, but I find his music inspires me more than most games released these days. The music he is associated with experiments greatly with weird sounds. His views on the music industry, the digital age and the process he goes through to create those interesting sounds would amaze me. Knowing little details about his past, or even getting a lesson or two about playing guitar would be wicked! I saw him once in concert with “Porcupine Tree” and the question I would absolutely have to ask him about that show would be, “Why were you barefoot during the entire show?” Check him out his solo album called “Insurgentes”, it’s simply mesmerizing!