Hi. so i’m a girl who loves music. it took me a long time to find a band that really amazed me. i mean everyone knows all the usual popular bands but first time i heard hedley’s album i fell in love with them. i know this sounds weird and like every other person but talking to Jacob Hoggard would be so incredible! he really lives in the moment! i wanna hear how e became what he became and i’ve seen his videos and he;s hilarious! i wanna hear his stories! i think it would be absolutely amazing to meet him! i’ve never been so a concert so i mean this would be the best! just to talk to him, i think, would change my teenage years!! i know maybe a lot of people want to meet him but really, i’m absolutely dying to meet him. this isn’t a celebrity crush: i don’t care if he’s hot but i think he is just an incredible personalized and i think he would just change everything! :)
to make things short, just talking for Jacob hoggard is all i want! :D