When the competition closes the winners will be selected based on votes (40% weight) and as decided upon by
our jury (60% weight).

Next our team will contact the specified personalities, and do everything in our power to make those conversations happen!

Then it’s time for the Best Conversation Ever!

Quick ground rules

You’ve got to be a Canadian, 13 years or older. The competition runs from January 24, 2011 – March 7, 2011.

Follow these 5 pointers and all will be well:

Copyright infringement. Keep away from copyrighted video, photos, or anything else. Don’t send a video of you chatting with a celebrity poster with their love ballad playing in the background. Also, make sure you are not wearing a branded t-shirt.

Invalid content. The video you submit must be related to this competition. Is it a video of your dog scuba diving? Awesome. But post it somewhere else.

Inappropriate content. Don’t get offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Keep it mom-friendly.

Incompatible files. Upload the right type of file: .avi, .wav, .mov, .dv, .3gp, with a max file size of 500MB. If it doesn’t work on our end, like if the sound isn’t working, we can’t use it.

Duplication. Only upload your file once. The same file multiple times doesn’t mean extra chances to win.

More ways to win

You’ve got 3 chances a week
to win a $100 Ticketmaster
gift certificate.

Draw Tuesday. Every time you
participate on the competition
site — like submitting, voting, and commenting — you’ll be entered into a draw, announced every Tuesday.

Facebook Wednesday. Go to the WIN with WIND tab on our Facebook fan page. Correctly answer that Wednesday’s question to win.

Twitter Thursday. On Thursdays we’ll post a question via @winwithWIND. Give the right answer at the right time and you win.