Creating a will to live

I am the executive director/founder for a youth charity in Ontario. I started this charity after the tragic suicide of a young man that I was very close too. I built the charity to help teens and kids of all ages to realize how very much they are loved. One of the most troubling things that I face daily is the lack of will to live with so many kids today. One out of four kids attempt suicide and have no desire to live. There are amazing people in this world that I need to learn from so that I can help these kids realize that their lives are of value. I want them to have the will to live.
The person that I most want to meet is the Dalai Lama. He has such internal peace, of which the kids lack. I need to learn how to help them achieve inner peace so that I can help them want to achieve the will to live.

The Dalai lama has so much knowledge, and an amazing zest for life. So often I just don’t know what to say to a beautiful, talented, amazing young ladies or gentleman. I am so often overwhelmed with the number of youth that simply don’t have the will to live. Suicide kills more kids than cancer, and I want the Dalai Lama to teach me some ways to pass on to the most beautiful things in our planet… The Dalai lama has so much wisdom and peace, and my life’s desire is to help kids have the will to live.