Canada’s Golden Boy

After scoring the game winning goal for the Olympic Gold Medal Game for Men’s Hockey, I was hooked on hockey…and Sidney Crosby. He is such a private person and most of his interviews are so focused on hockey that you don’t really get to know him.

I would love to talk to him and ask what questions such as:

  • With all your achievements in your professional career, what do you want to accomplish in your personal life
  • What do you really think when you’re booed as you take the ice in Canadian cities
  • What musical artist he admires or listens to the most
  • How does it feel to be paid to do something that you love to do
  • If you weren’t a hockey player, would you have attended College and what would you have taken
  • Is there one place where you feel completely at ease and is there one place you want to visit and haven’t had the opportunity
  • If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things, what would you take

Plus the question that is on every female Sidney Crosby fan’s mind…. do you have a girlfriend and how difficult is to have a relationship when you are traveling and playing hockey all the time.