Baby I was born this way!!!!

To me Lady Gaga is the ultimate icon around the world. She stands up for what she believes in and she is so increbibly brave for me as well as the other millions of little monsters around the world. She is a voice for all of us who cant or are affraid to speak out. I used to be quiet and kept to myself but now i stand up for my rights. i am a straight male and i have watched people, my friends be bullied at school for being gay. I stand up for them as Lady Gaga stands up for me. I now let go of all my insecurities and not let anyone tell me i cant do something. With so much inspiration me and my friends founded a Gay Staright Alliance at my school to let people know that these problems will not go unheard. I want to achieve in our own way what Lady Gaga does. I look up to her so much and support what ever she does whether it is standing up for equality, fighting AIDS/HIV, raising money to end homelessness or singing every night to us her little monsters. She lets us all know that we are superstars and just even having the chance to talk to her would complete my life. It is my ultimate dream. She is so unique and because of her I now have my own place in the world where i can be ME!