Anthem Of the Heart, And Anthem of the Mind.

I want to Talk to Neil Peart, because his music has changed my life and got me through some rough times.

My parents divorced when i was 8, and my Father was a huge RUSH fan so i continued to listen to them for comfort through that rough time.

I was bullied all throughout elementary school, but the lyrics in Rush’s music kept me going

When i was 14 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my wrist and though my days of trying to learn guitar was over. I also was quite depressed because of the pain and needles i had to go through. But his Lyrics inspired me to keep going especially the lyrics in “The Pass”.

I want to talk to Neil Peart to thank him for his music and motivation. His music always taught me to face life and work hard. I as well as many others do consider him a huge influence in their lives and i am no different. But I want to actually tell him that so that he hears it from me personally.

It is because of Rush I am where I am today. I am Currently finishing up my Final term at Harris Institute for the arts in Toronto, where i get a certificate in the Artist Management Field.

So here I am Rolling the Bones and Hoping i win so that i could thank him personally.