A true leader

I followed the amazing rescue operation of the 33 miners in Chile. I was taken back with the effort,faith and determination that the people of Chile demonstrated. In their hearts and mind they knew they would save their loved ones. What brought tears to my eyes was the President, Sebastian Pinera,being there with his people, showing his support, as a leader and as a humanitarian. They were miners, the President could have sent his people to represent him. When the people of Chile faced a great tragedy, the President himself went to show support and love for all his people. As each miner stepped out of the capsule you could clearly see and feel the overwhelming joy on Mr. Sebastian Pinera face. I believe that the President was their for his people, this was not a political event for him. What a GREAT leader. What a GREAT human being. All leaders across the world please follow this truly amazing example of A TRUE LEADER. I would love to say thank you to President Sebastian Pinera.